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Supervisor | Brasil - Multinational Oil and Gas Company

Supervisor | Brasil

Multinational Oil and Gas Company

The Cargo Supervisor will exhibit a high standard of leadership, supervisory and safety behaviours and will ensure that all aspects of Cargo and Cargo Utility systems operations and supervision are carried out effectively. Delegated tasks will be monitored and controlled formally and effectively. Scale: 14x14

The Cargo Supervisor assumes delegated authority for marine activities such as cargo loading and offloading and cargo utilities and maintenance. He or she will work with the Cargo Superintendent and the OIM as required where the safety of the crew and vessel is concerned. Work authority is delegated to competent personnel as appropriate.

Pre-hire Qualifications and Experience:
Fluent English (indispensable)
Strong experience in Tanker Ships
Second Officer (1 ON)
Worked at Transpetro (indispensable)

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