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Executive Director - São Paulo, Brazil

Executive Director - São Paulo, Brazil
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Animal Equality Brasil

Position Objective
This is an exciting opportunity to lead a team of five employees, and a significant network of volunteers, supporters and suppliers, to help to deliver Animal Equality’s vision to create a world in which animals are protected and respected. With a track record in leading highly-effective teams, overseeing a large-scale budget, overseeing media relations and building key external relationships, the successful candidate will be responsible for the smooth running of day-to-day operations and strategic activities.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties
Co-develop and oversee the organization’s strategic direction: Recommend, support and provide the necessary input for the development of Animal Equality’s overarching charitable objectives. With the agreed framework in mind, set and implement strategic plans of action and collaborate effectively with international and departmental colleagues, as appropriate.
Supervise and inspire team members: Recruit and manage the required staff to accomplish the organization’s objectives, offering support, motivation and insight to the team. Oversee general day-to-day operations and maintain a positive work culture.
Manage the organization’s financial plan: Plan, allocate and track the assigned budgets. Overseeing financial forecasts, controls and reporting and manage resources efficiently in order to accomplish the organization’s objectives.
Handle media relations: Lead and devise highly impactful media and campaign strategies, across traditional and social media, engaging the public on the issues associated with animal agriculture. Produce and disseminate press releases, cultivate relationships with journalists across influential media publications, secure media coverage of the charity’s noteworthy activities and act as an Animal Equality spokesperson.
Keep abreast of key legislation: Ensure that all secretarial, regulatory and statutory obligations are followed and met on behalf of the Board.
Manage the financial growth plan: Achieve a maximized, sustainable income for the charity by developing a national fundraising plan and assuring its implementation. Inspire existing and prospective donors to support our work by promoting our activities.
Analyze and mitigate risks: Support the Board of Trustees to assess, manage and minimize organizational risks, thus safeguarding the organization’s assets and integrity.
Promote a positive public profile: Ensure that Animal Equality’s Communication Strategy Plan is carried out successfully, always keeping the organization’s image and reputation in front of mind.
Develop meaningful relationships: Actively establish and maintain positive ongoing partnerships and alliances with supporters, influencers and other organizations within the animal protection arena.

Individual Attributes Required
Exemplary leadership style: Lead by example to encourage a collaborative spirit amongst the Brazilian team. Harness each individual’s skill set to achieve set goals and enhance the organization’s effectiveness.
Excellent decision-making abilities: Assess situations and challenges in a timely manner, considering the potential importance, urgency, risks and opportunities involved.
Outstanding interpersonal skills: Communicate and network with energy, clarity and confidence, representing Animal Equality in a manner consistent with the charity’s ethos, branding guidelines and strategic priorities. Be a positive ambassador for Animal Equality and manage relationships with senior stakeholders.

Demonstrable entrepreneurial flair: Problem-solve with creativity and innovative thought. Remain proactive, determined and persistent in the face of obstacles.
Resourceful and collaborative: Make the most of the Brazilian organization’s time, skills and resources and place importance on one’s own learning and professional development. Collaborate with others and foster a positive relationship with the Board of Trustees.
Financial acumen: With a growth mindset and an awareness of the fundraising landscape, broaden the charity’s income base and ensure financial stability through a successful fundraising plan. Anticipate, understand, and respond to the needs of the charity’s supporters so as to meet or exceed their expectations within the organizational parameters. Demonstrate charisma and gravitas to liaise with high net worth individuals, inspiring them to share passion for our cause.
Media savvy: With extensive media expertise, secure and capitalize on media coverage for the charity’s activities and communicate complex scientific messages to targeted audiences.
Strategic outlook: Manage organizational change and drive new initiatives; maintain high-quality campaign activity and evaluate progress continually to optimize activity and impact.

Position Requirements
Minimum of five years’ experience in a similar leadership position
Strong verbal and written communication skills
In-depth knowledge of best practices in management
Commitment to the organization’s mission, vision, and strategic plan
Willingness and ability to travel up to 30% of the time
Thorough knowledge of farmed animal issues
Adherence to a vegan lifestyle

Link para Inscrição:  https://animalequality.org.br/application-executive-director/?fbclid=IwAR3ducl3BVCC45VnThVFPZ65S_3Uuwfs19TXlBngXcgW3IBZLicXE_VqhGM

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